Le Motto Affiliate Program

Become a Le Motto Affiliate Today!

We, at Le Motto, are looking for enthusiastic partners that share our commitment in creating change for everyone! If you share our passion for fashion and world-building, let’s team up! As an exclusive member of our program, you’ll be given a commission for every visitor that comes from your website to ours.

Inspire With Words!

Le Motto offers you a wide variety of styles that create a positive impact. Our tank tops, short sleeve and long sleeve shirts, and jewelry for both men and women are designed to inspire, encourage, and put a smile on everyone’s faces.

In a society where people can be callous and hurtful with their words, we want to counteract it by giving everyone a chance to wear their positive life motto(s). Use Le Motto to inspire people with words and spread the positive vibes everywhere. Encourage your fans to sport their life motto everywhere they go to represent who they are. You’ll be able to influence more people, both strangers and friends, because words have power to influence the mind.

Perks for Partners!

We know how much words can impact a person, and that’s why we created Le Motto. If you have a fashion blog, website or a fan base in social media (whether that’s Instagram or Snapchat!), you’d also know how important words can be.

By joining the Le Motto’s Affiliate Program, you’ll earn money simply by offering your audience our amazing collection of Positive Fashion. For every customer you refer that makes a purchase, you’ll get a commission from us. You’ll also have full access to our fashion line!

Here are the perks you’ll get if you join Le Motto’s Affiliate Program:

  • 10% Commission
  • 30 Day Tracking Cookie
  • Monthly Payouts

How to Join

To be part of our free and simple Le Motto Affiliate program, click here to apply. Upon approval, you’ll receive everything you need to spread the word about Le Motto.

Let’s change the world together, one word at a time!