About Us

“A different world can’t be built with indifferent people.”

I am Vaiana and I am a product of words.

Born on the beautiful island of Tahiti, I grew up seeing nature at its finest but not enjoying its beauties due to abuse and violence experienced in my household.

For most of us - me included, words have been the carriers of deep hurts into our hearts and we became framed by what we heard over the course of time...

Le Motto was birthed as a revolt against the norm of negativity that seems to swirl around us. We wanted to capture the beauty and power of words to build and not to destroy.

At Le Motto, we make clothing that “speaks” to people whenever and wherever they see it.

You may not be able to speak to every friend or stranger you meet but your clothing can do more than show off your lovely tees - it can be a source of motivation and self-belief to you and to others.

Research shows when we use positive words more than negative words, it can activate the motivational centers of the brain and improve a person’s overall well-being.

By wearing your motto, you not only bring positive energy to yourself but to others that see it as well! 

Words brought deep hurts to me in my childhood, but I now use them to help galvanize the good in others, having conquered my own hurts.

Now, it's time to conquer yours too!

We can change the world, one word at a time, which is why for every purchase of Le Motto apparel, we donate some of the profits to causes that help kids who are suffering from violent circumstances.

Are you ready to change the world with us?

Come along with us on a journey to do more with your words and experience Le Motto.