SheSheBonBon Founder Featured on Elizabeth Street

Vaiana Attinger and SheSheBonBon on Elizabeth StreetWe are grateful for the interview of SheSheBonBon founder, Vaiana Attinger, by Elizabeth Street, the popular web site for “chic moms who know that life is best lived with style.”

In the article, Vaiana shares a few insights about her own personal style .

We invite you to check out Vaiana’s interview and the other great articles on the Elizabeth Street site.

SheSheBonBon was created to encourage and empower women, young and old.  Moms are a big part of our community and we are big champions of encouraging moms to “maintain their elegance” and be a strong role model for their kids.  The moms in our community are also part of the reason we will be launching some initiatives in 2014 around issues that are important to mothers everywhere, including ways to combat bullying and support the bullied.

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