With what you wear, you cast a vote for the world you want.

More Gratitude - Le Motto by SheSheBonBonGratitude matters, and this is a call to action for all of us to actively practice gratitude through word and deed.

Words have power. Like anything with power, it can be used for good or bad – to build up or to tear down – to create or to destroy.

As Diana Kapp, Wall Street Journal contributor, writes: “Gratitude works like a muscle. Take time to recognize good fortune, and feelings of appreciation can increase.”

SheSheBonBon’s mission is to “Empower people to be more than a spectator when there is an opportunity to make a positive impact on a situation.”

In every interaction, either you change someone’s life or they change yours. This effect is obvious when you have an active, real-time dialogue with a person, but you impact others even more, without even knowing, just with your presence and behavior that is observed by those around you. Smile and open a door for a stranger, and you likely inspired countless others who observed your action.

Let’s stop being passive to what goes on around us – not just what’s in the news, but what happens in front of us. Apathy, passivity and indifference desensitizes us. We then start to accommodate, then accept, behaviors that we used to find unacceptable (e.g. vulgarity in our culture). It may seem easier to stay on the sidelines or just try to ignore the negativity, but this only fuels more negativity.

The Velocity of Action.

The effects of your actions have a ripple effect of consequences. If you do or say something positive, it will carry beyond the moment. Others observe and are inspired to do the same, triggering another wave of positive action – just like the wide ripple from a single drop of water on a still pond. Every action you take is another drop that will ripple through everyone around you. Every drop is either positive or negative. We choose positive.

“More compassion. Less aggression.” “Accept more. Judge less.” “More humanity. Less cruelty.” These are some of the mottos we share on Le Motto tees. Beginning in 2014, we are reserving a portion of our profits to support initiatives that promote gratitude and the importance of not remaining on the sideline, but instead being part of social change.

Gratitude Project - Le Motto by SheSheBonBon

Most of the problems among people arise from one of two situations: we act without thinking, or we think without acting. Le Motto tees inspire positive thinking and consequently prompt positive activity. Wearing a Le Motto tee is not a one-time event; it’s an opportunity to share what you stand for every second you’re wearing it.

A study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies examined 1,035 high-school students and found that those who showed high levels of gratitude reported having stronger GPAs, less depression and envy and a more positive outlook than less grateful teens. Many more studies support this, too, and we will be featuring many of them here. In other words, there is tangible evidence that Le Motto tees make a difference by empowering people to share positive words.

While we might not be a silver bullet, our drop of positivity ripples in the right direction.

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